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Connect to the UoA-Mobile wireless network using Windows XP and Vista.


Windows XP / Vista


To connect to UoA-mobile:

Windows XP

  • connect to UoA-mobile and when prompted, accept the certificate.
click on the balloon to accept

the certificate can't be validated and you see a notification:

  • Go to the list of wireless networks and click on the "change advanced settings" link

  • Leave the associations to their defaults and click on the Wireless tab. Select UoA-mobile and then click on the Properties button.

  • under the Authentication tab, change the EAP type to PEAP and then click on the Properties button.

  • set the Properies as shown in the picture and the click on the "configure" button

  • uncheck the option after pressing the configure button and press ok.

  • in the list of certificates, select the "Thawte Premium Server CA"

  • Press OK to save settings and close all windows.
  • connect to UoA-mobile. you will be prompted for login credentials - use your net login credentials.

Windows Vista

Vista will ask you to accept the certificate after which you can connect to the network using your EC credentials.

screenshots in order of connecting to n/w:

select network and connect

enter additional log on information

accept certificate



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